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Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

ActiveSync allows you to connect to your mailbox from your phone

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InboxSolutions supports ActiveSync

If your team is mobile then it is important for your team members to access their email, contacts, and calendar on the go.

InboxSolutions's ActiveSync service is only $3.00 a month and supports all ActiveSync enabled devices, including the iPhone.

Exchange ActiveSync

Exchange ActiveSync is a communication protocol that enables mobile, "over-the-air" access to your e-mail messages, schedules, contacts, tasks lists, and other Exchange mailbox data. Exchange ActiveSync is available on Windows Mobile SmartPhones, the Apple iPhone, and other mobile devices.

Exchange ActiveSync also offers a highly scalable platform for mobility, allowing you to enjoy the productivity benefits of mobile messaging.

Exchange ActiveSync offers Direct Push Technology, enabling a seamless push e-mail experience for compatible devices. Exchange ActiveSync uses an encrypted HTTPS connection, established and maintained between the device and the server to push new e-mail messages, schedules, contact information, and tasks to the device. Synchronization is extremely fast, with enhanced data compression that enables rapid sending and receiving of messages.

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