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Hosted Email Archive Services

InboxSolutions provides the fully managed archiving support you need

  • Provides comprehensive management of corporate e-mail assets
  • Addresses regulatory/compliance demands and the complexities of fast-growing e-mail volumes and storage
  • Simplifies the complexity of e-mail management at a single, per-mailbox/month price
  • Provides user-friendly advanced search capabilities reducing turnaround times from months to days
  • Implements business policies for retaining e-mail messages/attachments
  • Meets needs for auditable policy changes and provides access to the system for audits


  • Automatically harvest messages for review based on keyword or random sample percentage
  • View all recipients on a message, including distribution lists and BCC
  • Review messages as required, using review tags and notes to track and escalate as needed
  • Evidentiary reports are available ad-hoc or are delivered regularly through e-mail
  • Automated message destruction is based on retention period and original capture date
  • Electronic records are stored based on retention requirements set by the customer

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