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Email Data Protection

Your email is securely backed up every 15 minutes!

Continuous Data Protection

InboxSolutions utilizes Microsoft's latest Exchange backup solution designed specifically for Exchange to provide continuous protection of our hosted Exchange environment.

hosted exchange continuous backups every 15 min.

How does it work

InboxSolutions hosted Exchange backup solution uses a combination of transaction log replication and block-level synchronization in conjunction with the Exchange Volume Shadow Copy Service to ensure easy recovery of the Exchange Server databases.

  • Transaction logs are continuously synchronized to the backup server every 15 minutes.
  • The backup server replicates these changes every 15 minutes to an off-site backup server

Full Nightly Backups

Our engineers back up your email every night and securely store a copy off site. Your data is always protected, with no effort needed on your part.

Zero loss recovery

InboxSolutions hosted Exchange backup system provides zero loss restores in the event of a disaster. The backup server restores all email databases to the latest 15 minute recovery point, after which it can automatically "replay" the surviving logs from the production server to the very last committed transaction. Thus the last completed Exchange database transaction, (i.e. email message), is recovered and restored to the new Exchange server.

Designed for Exchange 2007

InboxSolutions hosted Exchange backup system utilizes our clustered continuous replication environment and backs up the "offline" node eliminating impacting the "live" node. This allows us to continuously backup during the day without impacting server performance.

Data Restoration

If you accidentally delete an email or some data from your exchange mailbox we can assist you to recover that data.

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