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Email Filtering

SPAM and virus filtering protection included with each Hosted Exchange mailbox

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Included Free with each Hosted Exchange Mailbox

InboxSolutions includes free standard SPAM and virus protection with our Hosted Exchange service.

Multiple Layer Protection

Our powerful email protection system employs multiple scanning and filtering engines to detect and eliminate SPAM and viruses.

Defense in Depth

InboxSolutions fully manges this email protection service 24x7 to ensure as closely as possible that only legitimate email arrives in your inbox.

Inbound and Outbound scanning of every email

InboxSolutions scans each and every email that comes in and leaves your mailbox. Our anti virus system will block both inbound viruses before they enter your network as well as outbound viruses destined for your clients or partners.

In the event one of your computers gets infected with a virus and tries to send virus infected emails we will call and notify you which computer is infected and what measures to take to clean the infected computer.

Protection against zero day outbreaks

New email viruses are released almost daily. Each and every new email borne virus has the potential to spread throughout your organization within a matter of minutes. Most anti virus programs work by identifying known viruses signatures, which are often ineffective at stopping new unknown zero day viruses.

During an outbreak of a new virus the most critical and vulnerable time is during the first 2-3 hours between the outbreak and the time new virus detection signature files become available. InboxSolutions has a staff of trained security professionals who continuously monitor virus outbreaks and take precautionary steps before virus definition signatures are released by creating custom virus filters to defend our customers' email and network during this vulnerable time window.

Benefits of Using Multiple Scanning Engines

AV vendors all try to release signatures as soon as possible, but with every virus threat there is variation between various AV research labs in how quickly virus samples are obtained and analyzed, and signatures are released. By using multiple AV scan engines, InboxSolutions' customers can realize the benefit of diversification. When all messages are scanned with multiple engines, it is more likely that one of the engines is equipped to handle a recently released virus than if only one AV engine was being used. InboxSolutions utilizes 6 different virus scanning engines.

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