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Email Archiving (Enterprise)

Comprehensive email archiving solution with full legal compliance

InboxSolutions provides a secure, cost effective regulatory compliance email archiving service.

Corporate message retention has become a way of business life. With laws being passed that govern the length of time business e-mail is retained, the manner in which it must be preserved, and specific message review requirements, the need for a centralized multitasking mail repository is growing. In addition, the increasing likelihood that email will be required for legal discovery encourages enterprises to take a proactive approach to email retention policies to mitigate risk.

InboxSolutions' email archiving service is designed to help organiztions of all sizes to meet a variety of regulatory and legal demands placed on their electronic communication systems. Our email archiving service is deployed over the Internet, which helps minimize up-front capital investment, free up IT resources to focus on value-producing initiatives, and mitigate messaging risks before they reach the corporate network.

hosted exchange email archive how it works


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