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Email Disclaimer Message

Add a legal disclaimer policy on all email your staff sends

InboxSolutions' Email Disclaimer feature allows you to add important legal and/or company information to all email sent by your staff.

Add disclaimers to internal and external emails

You can add disclaimers to external as well as internal emails, even if the recipient is on the same Exchange server.. With InboxSolutions' Email Disclaimer feature you can add a different disclaimer depending on whether the emails are sent internally or externally.

Enforce company wide disclaimer policies

Your staff will not have the option to edit or remove the disclaimer from their email. Only you or your designated mail administrator will be able to modify the company disclaimer policy.

Customize the disclaimer

When you create a disclaimer, you can modify the appearance and position of the disclaimer. You can specify the following attributes:

  • Disclaimer Text is the text that is inserted into a message. Exchange 2007 inserts disclaimers into email messages by using the same message format as the original message. For example, if the a message i created in HTML, the disclaimer is added in HTML.
  • Disclaimer Font, Size, and Color There are several choices to customize the appearance of your disclaimer to meet your needs. You can customize the following font attributes to your disclaimer:
    • Font The fonts available are Arial, CourierNew, or Verdana.
    • Font Size You can select one of the following font sizes: smallest, smaller, normal, larger, largest.
    • Font Color You can select one of a variety of font colors.

    By default, in HTML or Rich Text messages, disclaimers are created by using Gray Arial font with a size of Smallest.

  • Placement of the Disclaimer When you add a disclaimer to a message, Exchange lets you decide whether to prepend or append the disclaimer to the message. When you prepend the disclaimer to the message, the disclaimer is inserted before the text of the newest message. When you append the disclaimer to the message, the disclaimer is inserted at the bottom of the message thread.
  • Including a Disclaimer Separator You may want to clearly identify where a disclaimer starts or ends and where the original message content starts or ends. You can specify whether you want to insert a separator line between the disclaimer and the original message content. Exchange automatically positions the separator line based on whether the disclaimer is prepended or appended to the message.
Email Disclaimer Costs:
Item Cost
Monthly Fee (Per Organization) $20
Activation Fee None
Contract Period None
Cancellation Fee None

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