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Exchange 2016 Hosting

Dependable Exchange Hosting from InboxSolutions

How much does email downtime cost your business?

Email is by far the most mission critical IT system for most if not all organizations.  When email is down most businesses grind to a halt.

Having the ability to communicate via email is essential for business productivity. Unreliable email systems costs businesses thousands of dollars for each hour of downtime.

In-House Exchange concerns

In-House Exchange servers are usually:

  • Not dedicated Exchange servers
    • Often providing other services such as:
      • Domain authentication
      • File sharing
      • Print serving
      • DNS
      • WINS
      • Database
      • etc.
  • Not running on Microsoft recommended hardware
  • Running on only one server
    • High Availability Clustering not used
      • Therefore, all email functionality relies upon the single server.
  • Not managed and maintained 24x7 by a team of Exchange experts
  • Not patched with the latest Microsoft Security updates
  • Not updated with the latest SPAM and Virus protection signatures
  • Not running in an advanced Data Center
    • with redundant electrical and HVAC systems
    • with multiple backbone connections to the Internet

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