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Increased Productivity

Moving the information that you rely on.

Get things done!

hosted exchange outlook 2007 to do bar

  • Share, prioritize, and manage your email messages, calendars, and task securely with coworkers.
  • Each InboxSolutions mailbox receives a free copy of Microsoft Outlook (a $110 value each).
  • Outlook with InboxSolutions Hosted Exchange makes it easier for you to manage your email and prioritize your time, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most.

Whether you track actions assigned to yourself (such as reminders to respond to e-mail messages), or track actions that are assigned to other people (such as the progress of someone's project), Outlook tasks are your solution. You can quickly add and update tasks, or mark them as complete. With tasks incorporated into the Calendar view, you have a rich interface for keeping track not only of your appointments, but of the tasks that you need to complete on a given day as well.

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