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Hosted Exchange Calendaring

Easily manage your team's schedules within Outlook

hosted exchange outlook 2007 calendar screen

Schedule Management:

Microsoft Outlook's powerful calendaring system lets you easily schedule meetings with co-workers, view others' schedules, and collaborate on projects.

Team Calendar Views

When a user is viewing multiple calendars, correlations between appointments can be difficult to understand. Outlook offers color-coded team appointments within each team member's calendar so that the user can distinguish between team appointments and other appointments.

Coordinate Schedules

Outlook makes it possible to view multiple calendars, including local calendars, public-folder calendars, other users' calendars, and calendar views-side by side in the Outlook window. Now you can schedule meetings in a matter of seconds, with no phone calls, voice mails, waiting for callbacks, or wasted time. The color-coded calendars scroll together, making them useful for comparing schedules or finding a teammate. Users can drag appointments between calendars or onto their own calendar, or set up a meeting quickly with the owners of some or all of the open calendars.

Outlook's Calendar even supports the industry-standard iCal format for scheduling and sharing appointments with non-Outlook users.

Track & Manage your most precious resource...Time

Microsoft Outlook is a great entry-level customer resource management (CRM) tool.  Track in your Outlook calendar those tasks, appointments, meetings, and phone logs that are billable and associate them with a customer.

Schedule meetings

Meetings can be scheduled efficiently through a new Scheduling Assistant in Outlook 2007 that suggests the best times to meet based on available attendees, rooms, and resources. And automatic calendar updates, free/busy information, and room reservation functionality help to make the most of time and resources.

Do the following with Outlook Calendar and Exchange 2010

  • Create appointments and events
  • Organize meetings
  • Share Calendars
  • View group schedules
  • View calendars side-by-side
  • View calendars on top of each other in overlay view
  • Send calendars to anyone through e-mail
  • Subscribe to Internet Calendars
  • Manage another user's calendar

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