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Hosted Exchange file sharing

Share documents and files with Outlook Public Folders

Share files

Outlook allows you to collaborate on projects and share information more efficiently using Public Folders. Mobile workers can access and share documents stored behind the corporate firewall without the need for a VPN connection.

Outlook lets you store important documents such as spreadsheets, product specifications and brochures, presentations, contract templates and more in Public Folders. Everyone can have access to the latest document versions. Files can be organized in folders and sub-folders for easy retrieval.

Email Enabled Folders

You can easily send emails and documents to public folders because each folder has its own email address.  Assign each group, task, or customer a folder, and have team members address the folder as another member of the team.  Now, sharing files among a work group has never been easier!

Access Documents Anywhere

Because every InboxSolutions Hosted Exchange account comes with secure Outlook Anywhere and Outlook Web Access, you can reach your information no matter what your location.  Use these online file storage and file sharing capabilities from your desk or from the road, all without the need to purchase a file server and without the need to implement an expensive and cumbersome VPN for remote access.

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