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Outlook Instant Search

Rapidly locate the information you want using Instant Search

The integrated and flexible search capabilities of Outlook and Exchange Server 2010 help you locate information from any part of your Inbox by using keywords or other criteria in your e-mail (including attachments), calendar, contacts, or tasks, saving you valuable time.

Quickly located the information you need

With new and powerful integrated Instant Search, you can quickly locate the information you need, whether it’s in your e-mail, calendar, contacts, or tasks. Type in a keyword, and Instant Search quickly searches your Outlook data, highlighting the locations where that search term appears. Instant Search does “word-wheeling,” which means that results begin to appear as soon as you start typing your search terms.

Instant Search can search broadly across all your Outlook items and folders, or you can specify a search within a particular folder in a given location. Instant Search even searches for keywords within e-mail attachments. You also have the flexibility to create queries with different Outlook criteria like date, from, color categories, mail importance, and more, and Instant Search finds and delivers the results.

Instant Search

It is very easy to use, for example you can type in the search box a word or phrase and find every email in the current folder that contains that word or phrase, instantly.  No long search queries like on the older version of Outlook and Exchange.  You can also expand your search to incorporate all data stored in Outlook, including contacts, notes, tasks and calendar items.

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