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Hosted Exchange Tasks

Manage and Track your team's assignments with Outlook.

Image of Microsoft Outlook Tasks PaneTask Management:

Outlook includes an integrated task management tool that allows you to easily create, assign and manage tasks. With Outlook's Tasks you can track and manage multiple projects and deadlines throughout the day. Define new tasks, set due dates, and establish priorities. Each task is visually identified as not-yet-due, past-due, or completed. Tasks can be sorted by category, due date and status. Whether your schedule is tightly packed, or you just enjoy keeping your work as organized as possible, Outlook's Tasks will help you effectively organize your business and personal life.

Keep Assignments on schedule

Keeping assignments on schedule is simple with Microsoft Outlook.  Drag emails from your boss and coworkers to the tasks pane and create a to-do list.  As these items become completed, check them off. Its that simple!

Flagging Mail as Tasks

Often tasks are contained within e-mail, so getting tasks into your task list used to mean manually entering the information. With new mail flagging in Office Outlook, that is no longer the case. With Flagging Mail as Tasks, you can create a task from your e-mail in one simple step. Simply right-click to flag your message and designate a date for completion. The item is then added to your To-Do Bar and the due dates are integrated automatically into your calendar.

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