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Hosted Email Filtering

Advanced SPAM Protection for your email

Comprehensive SPAM Filtering

InboxSolutions Hosted Email Filtering achieves unmatched accuracy with proprietary, multilayer spam technology that ensures unsolicited email is automatically filtered before it enters your Outlook inbox.

hosted exchange spam filtering

Spam Protection Features

Powered by multiple filtering engines and an around-the-clock team of anti-spam experts, InboxSolutions Hosted Email Filtering virtually eliminates spam from inboxes, helping provide bandwidth for legitimate corporate use, eliminate wasted time spent sorting through spam.

Captured spam is routed to the spam quarantine folder and can be accessed by administrators or end users at any time through an intuitive Web-based interface. An email notification that lists newly quarantined spam can be configured to send to each valid email address. This simplifies the end user experience by making review of spam simple and effective.

InboxSolutions Hosted Email Filtering offers the spam quarantine Web-based interface and HTML notifications in several languages.

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