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Hosted Email Filtering

Advanced Virus protection for your email

Advanced Virus Scanning

Modern viruses, worms, and other forms of malware pose significant risk to corporations and can spread at lightning speeds. According to some reports, the faster threats can reproduce at a rate of tens of thousands of copies an hour. At this rate, there is almost no time to update desktop and gateway antivirus systems to ensure that corporate networks and systems are protected.

hosted exchange email virus scanning

Multi-Layered Defenses Against Viruses

Blocking viruses before they reach the corporate network significantly reduces risk of infection, and have the added benefit of increasing the resources available for corporate use. Because stopping viruses is very time-critical, Hosted Email Filtering employs a layered approach to deliver zero-day protection for both inbound and outbound e-mail. Taking advantage of partnerships with numerous best-of-breed providers of antivirus technologies, Hosted Email Filtering ensures the most complete, up-to-date coverage against viruses and other e-mail threats. Heuristic engines scrub every message to provide protection even during the early stages of a virus outbreak. The service enjoys close developer relationships with its antivirus partners, integrating each antivirus engine at the API level. As a result, it receives and integrates virus signatures and patches before they are publicly released, often working directly with the antivirus partners to develop virus remedies. Virus signatures are applied to the global filtering network every 10 minutes.

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