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Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 with InboxSolutions


Microsoft CRM works inside Outlook

Tighter Outlook integration means less application-switching, faster adoption by users, and higher productivity for every customer-facing employee in your organization. Users can look up customer information, send and manage e-mail, set up appointments, and capture customer discussions, all without ever leaving Outlook.

Microsoft CRM can be easily customized: Tailors to your company's needs quickly

Microsoft CRM 4.0 can easily be customized for any business. Any non-technical user can create a new object with a few mouse-clicks—no need to write code or even leave the application—making it very easy to tailor Microsoft CRM to a specific industry or an individual company. Microsoft CRM also contains a host of workflow improvements such as auto-fill of name and date fields, and next-step recommendations that speed application use and improve worker productivity.

Robust Reporting: Drill into the details fast

Getting information out of Microsoft CRM 4.0 is just as easy as putting it in. You can export any subset of Microsoft CRM data to Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet software for analysis. Microsoft CRM also provides a number of standard, onebutton reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services as the underlying report engine. Create custom reports that are accessible from within Microsoft CRM through an e-mail subscription service or over a SharePoint site.

Mobile Solution

Access CRM information anytime, anywhere at no additional cost.

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