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Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Marketing Module

Create demand and drive new business

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Marketing enables sales and marketing professionals to deliver targeted communications to prospective and existing customers, shorten the sales cycle, and improve close rates.

CRM Marketing Features

  • Plan more proactively. Transform customer information into clear, actionable knowledge that enables your company to respond quickly to changing customer preferences and emerging market opportunities.


Launch quick campaigns

The Microsoft CRM 4.0 Quick Campaign Wizard makes it easy to launch simple, powerful campaigns.

  • Create a list. Use an existing list or identify high-potential prospects using Advanced Find against contacts, accounts, or leads.
  • Define an activity. Choose a specific activity for a Quick Campaign, such as e-mail, phone calls, faxes, or meetings, and assign to appropriate people.
  • Choose a timeline. Define start and completion dates for all Quick Campaign tasks.
  • Track responses and monitor results: Get detailed Quick Campaign performance reports in real time.

Turn leads into opportunities

Microsoft CRM 4.0 helps ensure that every qualified lead is routed to the right person quickly, reliably, and automatically.

  • Improve lead handling. Easily distinguish new prospects from existing customers and promote qualified leads to new opportunities with a single click.
  • Automatically route leads. Deliver the right lead to the right person based on product, territory, dollar amount, or any other workflow rules that you define.

Transform information into marketing intelligence

Microsoft CRM 4.0 provides the business intelligence tools you need to understand your customers, analyze your products and services, and pinpoint key patterns and trends.

  • Identify sales trends. Introduce new products and services efficiently, and improve up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Forecast future sales performance. Allocate marketing resources based on a clearer understanding of trends and opportunities.
  • Build customer loyalty. Take advantage of service knowledge to proactively suggest replacements or renewals, or even to reward frequent customers.

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