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Hosted Desktop with Office 2007

Run Microsoft's latest version of Office today!

Upgrade your entire staff to Office 2007 today!

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InboxSolutions Hosted Desktop allows you to run all of the latest Office 2007 applications from a server, without the need to upgrade all your existing computers.

What is Hosted Desktop

  • One low monthly license fee for your entire organization.
  • Legal compliance with all Microsoft licensing terms.
  • Office 2007 Applications loaded on one server instead of all of your desktops.
  • Employees can access their hosted desktop from any computer.
    • as in their home computer, a laptop, even an Apple Mac computer.
  • Improved response times and performance of a high powered server.

Benefits for your users:

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  • Your employees can access the hosted desktop with Office 2007 from any computer and experience significantly fewer problems with their applications.
  • Familiar Windows start menu and icons.
  • Superior Performance, high-end servers outperform standard workstations in running Office 2007 applications.
  • Users will always have a helpdesk that can remotely assist them and resolve most issues online.

Why your IT staff will love it...

  • The applications and network OS are hardware-independent and allow "snapshots," making disaster recovery fast and straightforward.
  • World-class data center security and 24x7 support at InboxSolutions
  • The latest Quad-Core Dell supported hardware.
  • Reduction in support calls since fewer dependencies upon the workstation. Local computer only provides the Remote Desktop Client functionality.
  • Flexible solution which allows you to add or remove a Microsoft Office 2007 application based upon your needs.
  • No need to upgrade and maintain Microsoft Office on all the organizations computers.

Reduce Costs

  • Significantly reduce your license costs. InboxSolutions Hosted Desktop utilizes the Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement to keep costs low. Each month you pay for what you use.
  • Significantly reduce helpdesk support issues and their associated cost in downtime and technical troubleshooting.
  • Nearly eliminate computer workstation upgrade and software maintenance costs.

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