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Hosted Enterprise Instant Messaging Features

Instantly communicate and collaborate with members of your team

Tabbed chat interface

Spark makes it easy to manage all your active chat sessions using an intuitive tabbed interface. Each conversation spawns a new tab that presents useful information, such as the number of new messages sent and the presence status of each user.

Spark IM client tabs

Inline Spell Check

Inline spell checking works just like word processor applications.

Spark IM spellcheck

Recent chat history.

Each new chat session automatically displays your most recent chat history. To see the complete chat history, click the chat history button and view all conversations by date.

Spark IM chat history

Drag-n-drop file transfers

Spark makes sending and receiving files a snap. Just drag a file into the chat window or directly onto a contact in your roster to initiate a transfer.

Spark IM file transfer

Easy Broadcasting

Send your message to multiple people in your roster at the same time. Select specific people or broadcast your message corporate-wide. Either way, Spark gives you complete control over sending broadcast messages.

Spark IM selective broadcast message

Spark IM send broadcast

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