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Hosted SharePoint

Monthly costs to run the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint today!

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Services Setup Costs:

One time setup fee
Contract Period
12 months
Cancellation Fee

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Services Monthly Costs:

Storage amount:
Monthly cost
with 1 GB of storage
with 2 GB of storage
with 3 GB of storage
with 10 GB of storage
with 100 GB of storage

All Plans include:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited site bandwidth
  • SmartPhone accessiblity
  • Email enabled sites
  • Nightly Backup
  • Setup & Migration assistance
  • 99% uptime

Optional add ons:

Custom URL with SSL Cert (set up fee)
Custom URL with SSL Cert (monthly fee)

Customer URL with SSL Cert

When you sign up for Hosted SharePoint Services you have the option of selecting a customized URL for your SharePoint site, or using a standard InboxSolutions URL. A standard SharePoint site will have a domain or URL such as http://yourcompany.sharepoint.inboxsolutions.com provided at no cost.

InboxSolutions allows organizations the option to select and use a custom URL, such as https://sharepoint.yourdomain.com, to support their branding and simplify users' access. A custom name makes it easier for partners, clients, and employees who need to access your SharePoint site.

Secure access with SSL encryption protects your SharePoint data and ensures all file transfers with your SharePoint site remain private.

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